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Lancaster, PA 17601

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10AM - 5PM
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Discover - Needed Forms


For a Discover Scuba
To make sure that you have a spot in a class, please make sure to call Lancaster Scuba Center prior to preregistering.

Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba has been designed by PADI to introduce you to the exciting experience of Scuba Diving. The Lancaster Scuba Center offers a Discover Scuba program so that you can experience your first breath underwater and find out more about the Open Water Diver Course. After taking your first breaths underwater, you might find scuba diving is your new passion. You will begin by being introducing the basic rules of Scuba Diving. You then enter the shallow end of a pool with your PADI dive professionals and take your first exhilarating breath below the surface of the water. The Discover Scuba continues with practicing a few diving skills and a few laps around the shallow end of the pool. When you are feeling confident and excited about your newly discovered sport, you may take a guided tour to the deeper end of the pool. At the end of the Discover Scuba, you will have a better understanding of the sport of Scuba Diving.

After your Discover Scuba you can continue your journey exploring the underwater realm by starting your PADI Open Water Diver course!

Program Fee:  $120.00                                      
Includes: Use of all scuba gear Intructor fee
Discover Scuba Diving Pamplet Pool use  
90 day trial subscription to Sport Diver Magazine PADI eLearning preview  
90 day trial access to premium ScubaEarth Discover Scuba Diving eCard  

  • 10 years old and older
What to Bring with you:
  • Bathing Suit and towel
  • Completed DSD Pamplet
You may pick up your release form and schedule a Discover Scuba session at the Lancaster Scuba Center. For upcoming Discover Scuba dates, or contact Lancaster Scuba Center at (717) 397-2822 or email at for any questions about the Discover Scuba experience.