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Upcoming Domestic Trips:

New Jersey Wreck Dive
Mohawk - July 25th, 2020 

Domestic Travel

 Organizing a Scuba Diving vacation can be challenging for anyone. Lancaster Scuba Center simplifies taking a diving trip by organizing and leading group diving excursions well within driving distance of Pennsylvania. You could harvest lobsters on shipwrecks off New Jersey, dig for fossilized sharks’ teeth in the underwater gravel beds of South Carolina, snap pictures of tropical fish in the waters off North Carolina, or explore perfectly preserved shipwrecks in the crystal clear waters in the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Diving in the United States and Canada offers many diverse underwater environments to explore and activities in which to take part.
Traveling with Lancaster Scuba Center on a group diving excursion has many benefits.

  • Lancaster Scuba Center's dive vacations are organized by our Travel Center, we coordinate and book the necessary travel arrangments, lodging and dive services needed on each trip.
  • All dive excursions are led by one or more of our PADI Diving Professionals who have a personal knowledge of the regions where they lead their diving vacations.
  • Many divers like traveling with the Dive Professionals they have developed trusting relationships with through the classes they have taken at Lancaster Scuba Center.
  • We offer specialized diving courses before or during each trip so that you can be prepared for the unique diving conditions offered by that excursions dive sites.
  • Pre-trip meeting to prepare you with knowledge of the dive sites, the gear needed on the trip, and the itinerary to be expected during the trip.
  • Diving on group excursions with Lancaster Scuba Center are a great way to make new friends and create lasting relationships and memories.
Check here for Lancaster Scuba Center’s upcoming dive trips to Domestic Travel Destinations!


New Jersey Wreck Dive
Mohawk - July 25th, 2020 - $125.00