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201 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 
10AM - 5PM
Thursday and Friday
10AM - 7PM

Start your
Enriched Air Diver
Specialty Diver Course

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is one of Lancaster Scuba Centers most popular scuba diving courses. With enriched air in your tank you are allowed more no decompression dive time. What does this mean? You are able to remain underwater longer, due to extended no decompression limits, especially on repetitive dive.

You can stay on the wreck longer. Stay longer on the wreef taking photographs. No wonder divers choose to dive using enriched air.

In this class you will learn
  • Proper dive planning techniques that will allow you to get more bottom time using enriched air nitrox.
  • Dive planning considerations using enriched air, how to tell what is in your tank, setting your dive computer and managing your oxygen exposure.
  • Equipment considerations when using enriched air.
  • 12 years of age or older
  • Open Water Diver Certification (or qualifying rating)
Specialty Fee: varies:
 Call for pricing: 717-397-2822
  reduced:  If combined with any other course

Includes: Enriched Air Diver Manual Instructor Fee 2 - Enriched Air Tanks
  Enriched Air Diver Video EAD Table EANx 32 RDP
  EANx 36 RDP Oxygen Exposure Table  
  Table Instructions for Use and Study Guide
Not Included: Entry Fee to Dive Lake Exposure Suit Scuba Gear

Required Forms:

Following successful completition of your course you will become a certified PADI Enriched Air Diver. You will be able to rent enriched air tanks or have your tanks filled with enriched air. Plan your dives so you can stay within the no decompression limits and oxygen limits. You have completed another specialty on your journey to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver.