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201 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 
10AM - 5PM
Thursday and Friday
10AM - 7PM


Equipment Rental

 At Lancaster Scuba Center, we understand that not every diver ready to take the plunge, has all the gear necessary to complete his or her dive gear ensemble. For this reason, Lancaster Scuba Center provides a wide variety of regularly serviced rental equipment to fill any temporary needs in your dive gear system. Lancaster Scuba Center provides the following equipment for rental:
  • Wet Suits
  • Dry Suits
  • Tanks - Aluminum or Steel (Air or Nitrox)
  • Regulator/Octopus/Gauge Sets
  • BCD’s
  • Dive computers
  • Hoods
  • Gloves
  • Flashlights
  • Cameras
  • Weight
Lancaster Scuba also has 80 cubic foot air tanks available for rental for paintball enthusiasts. These tanks can be used as on-field fill stations to fill paintball tanks on game day.