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PADI Course Director

Instructor Gary Sanderson

My first introduction to SCUBA diving was in Gitmo Bay Cuba, in 1985. A Navy buddy of mine told me to put the regulator in my mouth and breathe. The bug hit me and I have not stopped since then. I have had the chance to dive in a lot of great places and explore some history. Travels have included: Bahamas, Florida, Cancun, Lake Erie, Cozumel, St. Lawrence Seaway, Grand Cayman, Maine, Bonaire, New York, Jamaica, West Virginia, Haiti, Virginia, Cuba, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Types of dives have included: Open Water in fresh and salt water, Cave dives in Fl and Mexico, Wreck dives (in the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie, and St. Lawrence Seaway),

Following graduation from East Stroudsburg University, I took time off and traveled to Palm Beach, FL to start the journey of being an Instructor. That was in January of 1996, and I have continued from there. I dive by the saying “A Good Diver is Always Learning …” This has led me to expand my diving knowledge beyond what I thought I would be doing. I have expanded my diving into several different aquatic environments, cave diving, technical diving, and trimix diving. My favorite diving would be in a cave.

I am a PADI Course Director. Not only am I a Course Director, I am also looking for my next course to learn from. Courses I enjoy teaching the most are Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Tec 40 - 50.  

In 2014, I made the decision to become a 100% AWARE Instructor. I will be making a donation towards ocean protection on behalf of each student by issuing the Project AWARE card for each dive certification that I issue. I am proud to be the first instructor in Pennsylvaina (PA) to go 100% AWARE. Join me in making a change in the environment and your life. 

My favorite courses to teach are Open Water Scuba, Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI), Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructuctor/Provider and Tec courses.

PADI Core Courses PADI Specialties Courses PADI Pro Courses 
Discover Scuba Diving AWARE Coral Reef  Conservation Divemaster
Open Water Boat Diver Assistant Instructor
Adventure Diver  Cavern Diver Instructor Development Course (IDC)
Advanced Open  Water Deep Diver Open Water Scuba Instructor
Rescue Diver Digital Underwater Photography Mast Scuba Diver Trainer
  Drift Diver IDC Staff Instructor
Emergency First Responder Dry Suit Diver  
Primary & Secondary Care Equipment Specialist PADI Specialty Instructor Courses
Care for Chidlren Emergency Oxygen  Provider Boat Diver
CPR and AED Enriched Air Diver Deep Diver 
EFR Instructor Fusion Dry Suit Diver Digital Underwater Photography
  Multilevel Diver Drift Diver
 PADI TecRec Core Courses Night Diver Dry Suit Diver
 Tec 40 Peak Performance  Buoyancy Equipment Specialist
 Tec 45 Project AWARE Emergency Oxygen Provider
 Tec 50 Sidemount Diver  Enriched Air Diver
 Tec Trimix 65 Self-Reliant Diver  Multilevel Diver
 Tec Trimix Underwater Navigator  Night Diver
   Wreck Diver  Sidemount Diver
PADI TecRec Specialty Courses   Self-Reliant Diver
Tec Basic   Underwater Navigator
Tec Sidemount   Wreck Diver
Tec Trimix 45    
Tec Trimix 50   PADI TecRec Instructor Courses
EANx Gas Blender   EANx Gas Blender 
Trimix Gas Blender   Trimix Gas Blender