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Lancaster, PA 17601

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 
10AM - 5PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
10AM - 7PM

Instructor Ken Boltz

I became an Instructor in January, 1990, and a Master Instructor in April, 1998. I enjoy teaching any class in scuba, but Open Water is my favorite. Teaching this class has given me the opportunity to help people overcome some of their fears and discover a new world. I enjoy getting to help mold the divers of the future.

I have several favorite places to dive. The first is Utila, Honduras. There is usually a limited number of divers here. The beauty and diversity of the reefs, along with the ease of diving makes this a great place to relax and enjoy. On the other extreme is the Galapagos. The diving here is challenging, but the marine life is incredible. Lastly, I would list Belize among my favorite destinations. The diving is easy and relaxed, the coral formations are great, and the fish life is abundant.

While diving I enjoy photography, videography and helping others become better divers. Each year I give a scuba talk and demonstration to a local 4th grade class.