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PADI Open Water Diver

We are enthused about your interest in immersing yourself in the exciting and invigorating sport of Scuba Diving. The underwater world offers excitement and adventure as well as beauty and tranquility, and you can join the myriad scuba divers who journey below the water’s surface for the first time every year.

Course Description:

Each Open Water Diver Course is conducted by one or more of Lancaster Scuba Center’s PADI Scuba Instructors. Comfortable class sizes emphasize individual attention to each student during the learning process. The Open Water Diver Course is comprised of three distinct educational activities.

1)            There are five Knowledge Development session that build your understanding of the basic principles, procedures and safety of diving. This is accomplished through your reading your Open Water Diver Manual, viewing the DVD and reviewing with your instructor.

2)            The fun part of the class is your five Confined Water Dives. Here you practice your Scuba Diving skills, for the first time, under supervision of your instructor. You will learn everything from setting up your gear to exiting the water after a dive.

3)            Four Open Water Dives complete your course. You will dive with your instructor at a dive site so that you can experience the underwater adventure. These dives may be complete in one of our three local diving lakes or you can choose one of Lancaster Scuba Center’s various trips to tropical dive destinations. 



- PADI Open Water Diver Manual      - Instructor Fee 
- 5 Confined Water Dives                   - 4 Open Water Dives
- PADI Open Water Diver Video         - Rental Scuba Equipment            
- Student Record Folder                     - Recreational Dive Planner         
- PADI Certification Card                    - Dive Log
- Free DAN Student Insurance
- 6 months free subscription to Dive Training Magazine.


Not included:
- Entry fee for Open Water Dives.
- Personal Gear: (Mask, Snorkel, Open heal fins, Boots, and Weight Belt)


These items can be purchased at Lancaster Scuba Center. The staff will work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit of these items and to educate you in your available choices. 


Required Forms: (Click Here)  

Upon successful completion of your course you will become a certified PADI Open Water Diver and able to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 60 feet. With your PADI certification in hand, you will be able to seek out your own diving adventures or join us on local, domestic, or international dives. You will also be able to continue your diving education to become even more familiar with the underwater world.

Saturday Pool Session:
Lampeter Strasburg YMCA
800 Village Road
Lancaster PA 17602

$699.00 per student