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201 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 
10AM - 5PM
Thursday and Friday
10AM - 7PM


PADI Tec 50 will complete your training as an entry level tec diver as you move past the limits of recreational diving.

You will learn to:
  • Make decompression dive to as deep as 50 meters / 165 feet
  • Use EANx and or oxygen for decompression
  • Use more than one gas for scheduled decompression stops
  • Use decompression software to develop custom dive tables
  • Dive self-reliant within the dive team
Prerequisites: Upon successful completion you will be able to:
  • Make and plan decompression dives with:
    • no time limit other than gas requirements
    • Depth no deeper than 50 meters / 165 feet
    • use accelerated decompression based on your planned decompression gas
  • Use more than one cylinder of decompression gas with up to 100 percent oxygen (EANx100)
  • Continue your training onto PADI Tec Trimix 50 and / or PADI Trimix 65
Course Fee: $469.00

 Includes: Pool Use*
*if needed
  Instructor Fee  
  Certification Fee**  
     **paying your course fee does not guarantee you certification. You must show that you have the skills and proper attitude during your course.
Gear requirements: